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Amblyline cu CRS-wp gemini sachets with holes(Thrip control)

Biological Control > Thrip Controls
Qty/Size: 300000
Our Price: £42.08
Brand: Bioline / Syngenta - more
Code: AMB032

It can be used for:
Cut Flowers
Ornamental pot plants
Amblyline cu CRS-wp gemini sachets with holes(Thrip control) Biological Control > Thrip Controls
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Further Information:
0011-22 Amblyline crs-wp. Amblyseius cucumeris. 300 Gemini sachets with holes. 300,000 unit size
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The controlled release sachet is a key treatment for Western Flower Thrip control in many crops. The formulation has a special ingredient from natural sources, which increases the number of predatory Amblyseius cucumeris mites that are released onto the crop each day. Mites are continuously released over a period of 6 weeks or more. The success of the Controlled Release System CRS sachet is that the predator is not reliant on food being available on the plant as it is a stand-alone breeding colony.

Predatory Mite

More than 6 weeks of Thrips control
Continuous releases of more than 400 mites per sachet per week
Improved breeding system to give even release numbers over several weeks
Unique formulation with the special Bioline ingredient
Sachet with emergence hole

Gemini sachets
A unique patented twin sachet design for controlled release sachets, has been developed by Syngenta Bioline as a key treatment for Western Flower Thrips in ornamental crops. Suitable for hanging on crop wires or on the plant, this innovative product tolerates overhead watering, and ensures that Amblyseius cucumeris mites are released continuously in environments where normal sachets would not perform well. The breeding system in the Gemini sachets means that mites are released over a long period of around six weeks and the predators are not reliant on food being present on the crop for establishment.

Amblyseius cucumeris predatory mites are key components in the control of Thrips in integrated programmes. The unique design of these sachets, together with the materials used and careful formulation ensures maximum emergence of predatory mites even under stress conditions. The Gemini sachet design is quicker to place in the crop and can save labour hours.

Predatory Mite

Gemini sachets with two predator breeding compartments
Water runs off outer surface Emergence hole stays dry on inner surface Sachet contents protected! No hook to get wet so sachets remain on plants
Continuous emergence even under irrigation
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