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Melcourt Sylvagrow multi purpose 40LT

Growing Media > Melcourt
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Melcourt Sylvagrow multi purpose  40LT Growing Media > Melcourt
Growing with SylvaGrow

SylvaGrow® can be used for many kinds of gardening activity followng these steps:

Seed Sowing:
• Fill a seed tray evenly with SylvaGrow®, tapping gently to settle
• Lightly water with a fine rose • Sow the seeds carefully, according to the packet instructions, cover with more SylvaGrow® to a depth as directed
• Cover the seed tray with glass or polythene and put in a warm place out of direct sunlight
• Remove the cover when the seeds have germinated and ensure the SylvaGrow® is kept evenly moist at all times
• Prick out as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle
NB For very small seeds such as begonia or impatiens, sieve the SylvaGrow® before use to remove the larger particles, which can otherwise impede seedling development.

Pricking Out
• When the seedlings are large enough to handle, gently tease them out of the growing medium using a dibber or pencil, taking care to handle only by the leaves.
• Fill a suitable pot with fresh SylvaGrow®, use a dibber to make a hole and place the seedling in it, tapping the pot to settle the mix around the roots
• Water gently but thoroughly
• After four to six weeks, regularly apply a liquid feed, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, incorporate slow-release fertilizer granules according to the manufacturer’s instructions, at the time of pricking out

Potting on, containers, tubs, troughs, hanging baskets and house plants
• First, ensure that the plant to be potted on has been well-watered. If it is dry, immerse the roots in a bucket of water for half an hour
• Fill the pot, tub or other container with SylvaGrow®
• Make a hole large enough to accommodate the item to be potted and insert it, taking care that the growing medium is at about the same height on the stem as previously • Gently firm the SylvaGrow® around the plant, water thoroughly • Ensure that the SylvaGrow® is kept moist but not over-wet, at all times. Hanging baskets have a particularly high water requirement and may need watering every day in warm weather
• After four to six weeks, regularly apply a liquid feed, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively incorporate slow-release fertilizer granules according to the manufacturer’s instructions, at the time of potting

• Ensure the mother plant is well-watered before taking cuttings
• Fill a deep seed tray or pot with SylvaGrow® and make a suitable hole with a dibber or pencil
• Prepare the stem or root cuttings according to type, ensuring that they are not allowed to dry out between cutting and inserting. Dip in hormone rooting powder/liquid if using
• Insert the cutting and gently firm the medium around it
• Stem cuttings need to be in a moist environment out of direct sunlight until they have rooted so either place in a cold frame, a covered propagator or cover with polythene, using supports to prevent the polythene from touching the cuttings. Root cuttings can be placed in a cold frame or sheltered spot out of direct sunlight and can benefit from a thin layer of grit on the growing medium surface
• Once the cuttings are well-rooted they can be potted on according to the instructions above

Raised Beds
SylvaGrow® can be used as part of a raised bed medium for vegetable and strawberry growing. Simply mix 1 part SylvaGrow® thoroughly with 3 to 4 parts loam or garden soil to gain a valuable addition of organic matter and nutrients. Remember to supplementary feed as instructed above in ‘Potting On’ as vegetables are heavy feeders and will respond well.

Planting Out
SylvaGrow® can be used as a planting medium for roses, shrubs, trees, herbaceous perennials and bedding plants in order to add valuable organic matter and nutrients. Simply blend at 1 part to 4 parts of the back-fill soil. Always ensure that the plant is watered to capacity before planting out and if necessary, immerse the roots in a bucket of water for half an hour prior to planting. Ensure that the planting pit is well-integrated with the wider soil with no smeared sides or other impediments to root exploration beyond the planting hole.

Lime-hating, ericaceous plants
SylvaGrow® is not suitable for raising lime-hating, ericaceous plants in containers although it can be used as a planting out medium for an ericaceous soil at rates of 1 part SylvaGrow® to 4 parts acidic soil.

Other Advice:
• Use in a ventilated place and avoid breathing in dust
• Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands after use
• Close bag after use to avoid drying out and to prevent contamination
~• White mould: under certain conditions a white mould may appear on the surface of some of the particles in SylvaGrow®. This is entirely normal and not harmful to humans, plants or pets.

Use by:
• SylvaGrow® is best used within the season of purchase. Longer storage can cause a nutrient imbalance.

Technical specification:

Main constituents Coniferous bark, wood fibre, coir
Nominal particle size range 0-6mm
Bulk density 420 grams per litre
Moisture content by weight 50%
Wetting agent Yes
Air-filled porosity 21%
pH 6.5
Nitrogen (N) 250mg/l
Phosphorus (P) 80mg/l
Potassium (K) 300mg/l
Electrical conductivity 500µS/cm
Trace elements Yes
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