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Staphyline c (Sciarid & Shore Fly) Control) 500/pack

Biological Control > Sciarid Fly
Qty/Size: 500
Our Price: £40.39
Brand: Bioline / Syngenta - more
Code: STA005

It can be used for:
Cut Flowers
Ornamental pot plants.
Staphyline c (Sciarid & Shore Fly) Control) 500/pack Biological Control > Sciarid Fly
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Further Information:
0061-01 Staphyline C Atheta coriaria 1ltr card board tube. 500unit size
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Technical Literaturedownload a pdf
Technical Literaturedownload a pdf
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Atheta coriaria is a Staphylinid beetle that is a predator of soil and compost pests. This rove beetle is a generalist Arthropod feeder, but the adults and young stages are particularly good at feeding on the larvae of sciarid flies (Bradysia spp, Lycoriella spp, and Sciara spp) and shore flies (Scatella spp).

Staphyline c can be used in crops such as herbs and ornamentals where warm humid conditions favour these pests. It should be introduced early in the growing season. With careful management good populations will build up in the greenhouse to give high levels of control. The population build up can be greater if the Atheta rearing-release system is used. (Contact your Syngenta Bioline distributor for more information). Staphlyline c is supplied in 1litre cardboard tubes containing 500 predators

Predatory Beetle
•Formulation contains adults, larvae, pupae and eggs for balanced population
•Visible predator with mobile adults for good dispersal and establishment
•Attacks shore flies and sciarids
•Naturally occurring in Europe
•Available in bulk bags or tubes

Used for
Pest Crops
Sciarids/Fungus gnats (Bradysia paupera /spp) Cut Flowers
Shore flies (Scatella spp) Ornamental pot plants
This is a fast moving predator effective at a wide temperature range of 12°C to 35°C. It belongs to a family of beetles renowned for their aggressive feeding behaviour. Adults of shore flies are a nuisance to greenhouse growers, leaving ugly spots on plants and becoming trapped in packaging. The larvae of sciarids directly attack roots. Adults of both species spread plant diseases in the nursery.

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